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9 Calgary Neighbourhoods with Outdoor Skating Rinks

Feb 17, 2023  
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Calgary becomes a hub of winter fun with a plethora of activities to keep you entertained. Due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains and WinSport, the local winter sports arena, some of the city’s best outdoor activities are best enjoyed during the colder months. Ice skating is one of the top sought-after winter amenities in the area. It’s no surprise, considering that hockey is one of the country’s favourite sports, and ice skating is one of Calgary’s most popular winter pastimes. As a result, many of Calgary’s top neighbourhoods offer outdoor skating rinks. So, grab your skates and brace yourself for an unforgettable winter experience!

Bridgeland: 9a Park Bridgeland Rink

Bridgeland, situated on the northern banks of the Bow River, is home to an array of exceptional nature trails, bike paths, and green spaces. The Calgary Zoo and Tom Campbell Hill’s Nature Park are among the top attractions in the neighbourhood.

Homes for sale in Bridgeland offer a unique blend of a tight-knit community within the city. Moreover, the neighbourhood boasts one of Calgary’s most sought-after skating rinks, the 9a Park Bridgeland Rink.

This outdoor skating rink was brought to fruition through Calgary Park’s Adopt-A-Rink initiative, thanks to the unwavering dedication of volunteers from the Bridgeland community. Families, children, and residents congregate at this rink for casual ice-skating sessions, which include a well-maintained ice surface, bench seating, and a fire pit to warm up.

Compared to other rinks in the vicinity, 9a Park Bridgeland Rink is exclusively reserved for casual ice skating, and the use of hockey sticks is not permitted. Skaters are required to bring their skates as no rentals are available on-site.

Bridgeland Amenities

  1. Calgary Zoo
  2. Tom Campbell’s Hill Natural Park
  3. Riverside Park
  4. Tom Campbell’s Hill Off-Leash Dog Park
  5. Made by Marcus- Bridgeland
  6. IKUSA Izakaya & Tokyo Market

Marlborough: The Rink at Marlborough Park

Marlborough, located in the northeast area of Calgary, is only a 10-minute drive away from the vibrant downtown core. The community boasts peaceful tree-lined streets and excellent shopping centers, making it an attractive destination for residents.

The Marlborough Park Rink is one of the most popular winter attractions in the neighbourhood, featuring two large parking lots nearby. This well-maintained rink is open from 5 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. during the winter months and is illuminated after sunset. Besides the exceptional rink, the facilities also include walking paths, an outdoor seating area, a sledging hill, and a fire pit to warm up after skating. Skaters are required to bring their skates as there are no on-site rentals available.

Marlborough Amenities

  1. Marlborough Mall
  2. Marlborough Park
  3. Marlyn Playground
  4. Let’s Bowl Bowling Alley
  5. Gong Cha Marlborough Bubbletea
  6. Maryvale Community Playground
  7. Mehfil Curry and Kebab
  8. Sussy Balls

North Glenmore Park: North Glenmore Ice Trail

North Glenmore Park, situated to the north of Glenmore Reservoir, is an exquisite neighbourhood that boasts magnificent parks, impressive golf courses, and grand homes. It is a perfect location for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers to reside all year round. In the summer months, Sandy Beach Park and the Earl Grey Golf Club attract many residents for their leisurely activities.

Winter is when North Glenmore Park stands out, with its easy access to outdoor winter activities. Skaters, in particular, can enjoy the well-maintained skating rink, which is connected to the 730-meter-long North Glenmore Ice Trail. Illuminated with lights, the skating path is accessible and visually appealing, especially at night. The trail includes hills, making it more challenging than a regular skating rink, but it adds an extra layer of excitement and variation.

North Glenmore Park Amenities

  1. Glenmore Park
  2. Calgary Canoe Club
  3. Calgary Rowing Club
  4. Lakeview Golf Course
  5. Glenmore Dam Off_Leash Dog Park
  6. Calgary Golf & Country Club

Riverbend: Carburn Park Skating Rink

Riverbend, situated only 15 minutes south of Downtown Calgary, is a neighborhood popular for its vast natural parks and trails. Among them is Sue Higgins Park, the largest off-leash dog park in the city. With its proximity to major roads such as Glenmore Trail and 18th Street SE, Riverbend is an ideal location for both commuters and nature enthusiasts.

Apart from its beautiful green spaces and off-leash dog parks, the Carburn Park skating rink is one of the most popular in the area. It is situated under the iconic skyline of Calgary, giving skaters a beautiful view of the city’s sparkling lights while they glide on the frozen pond.

Although the rink has shorter operating hours than other rinks, from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., it more than makes up for it with its scenic location in one of the city’s top natural parks. While skate rentals are not available, there is a fire pit to keep skaters warm.

Riverbend Amenities

  1. Riverbend Park
  2. Carburn Park
  3. Rivercrest Playground
  4. Oishii Sushi
  5. The Park Kitchen & Bar
  6. Remington YMCA in Quarry Park

Bowness: Bowness Skating Trial

Bowness, situated just 15 minutes away from the bustling Downtown Calgary, offers a tranquil, tight-knit community that feels a world away from the city. Bordered by the Bow River and surrounded by nature parks, Bowness homes for sale are nestled amidst some of the most beautiful green spaces and nature trails in the Calgary Metropolitan Area.
In the summer, Bowness is a hot spot for water sports like boating and paddleboarding, but it’s equally popular during the winter months, especially among skaters. The Bowness Park Lagoon, a year-round recreational area, transforms into a skater’s paradise during the winter season.
From December to February, this sought-after skating rink becomes a winter wonderland! Skaters can glide across the famous lagoon or the new skating trail, which is illuminated after sunset. Besides skating, outdoor enthusiasts can rent ice bikes at Bowness Trail to add more variety to the already vibrant area. When the cold sets in, skaters can warm up around the fire pit or grab a hot drink at a nearby cafe, including coffee.

Bowness Amenities

  1. Bowness Park
  2. WinSport
  3. Shouldice Park
  4. Bowness Sportsplex
  5. Bowness Skate Park
  6. Upper Wood’s Home Trail- Jeal Nature Path
  7. Bowness Park Boathouse

Beltline: Barb Scott Park and Thompson Family Park

Beltline is a centrally located community that is famous for its lively nightlife. However, there is much more to enjoy in this neighbourhood. Beltline offers highly walkable streets and a diverse selection of world-class restaurants that are only a 7-minute drive from Downtown Calgary. Many residents choose to live in one of the many Beltline condos for sale to be close to the action. Additionally, the area is home to a variety of green spaces, bike trails, and dining options, as well as the increasingly popular amenity of skating rinks, such as Barb Scott Park and Thompson Family Park.
For those who love art, Barb Scott Park is located near the renowned Chinook Arc public art piece, which lights up in different colors. This feature provides skaters with an interactive experience as they glide across the ice. Meanwhile, Thompson Family Park’s skating rink, although more traditional, is just as well-known as Barb Scott Park’s rink. The park is conveniently located near some of the best restaurants in the area, making it an ideal spot to enjoy a day or night out.

Beltline Amenities

  1. Barb Scott Park
  2. Twisted Element
  3. Pig & Duke Neighborhood Pub
  4. Shaw Millennium Park
  5. Century Gardens

Downtown Calgary: Olympic Plaza

Downtown Calgary is a bustling urban hub at the heart of Canada’s third-largest city, featuring top-notch restaurants, towering condos for sale, and verdant city parks. Surrounded by some of Western Canada’s most striking skyscrapers, Downtown Calgary sits at the confluence of the Bow River and the Elbow River.
In the heart of the district lies the Olympic Plaza ice rink, which offers a charming atmosphere for skating day or night. With its stunning cityscape and towering buildings, the Olympic Plaza is not only a highly popular skating rink but also one of the most photographed areas in the winter due to its sheer beauty. In addition to breathtaking views of the Calgary Tower, the Olympic Plaza, modeled after New York’s Rockefeller Center, features a towering Christmas tree that illuminates the area during the holiday season.

Downtown Calgary Amenities

  1. Prince’s Island Park
  2. Eau Claire Park
  3. Shaw Millenium Park
  4. McDougall Centre
  5. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar
  6. Teatro Ristorante

Castleridge: Prairie Winds Park

Castleridge is a coveted district situated 20 minutes northwest of Downtown Calgary in a tranquil residential area. The neighbourhood is well-established and boasts numerous recreational facilities, such as sports complexes, golf courses, and nature trails.

Even during the winter, Castleridge provides ample outdoor activities for enthusiasts, thanks in part to the beloved Prairie Winds Park. Spanning 16 hectares and adjacent to Wingfield Golf Club, Prairie Winds Park is a popular year-round destination. From December to February, the park features a skating rink and tobogganing hills, making it ideal for all types of skaters, from casual to hockey players.

Castleridge Amenities

  1. Prairie Winds Park
  2. Wingfield Golf Club
  3. NESS: Don Hartman North East Sportsplex
  4. Cactus Club Cafe

Rosedale: Rosedale Community Park

Rosedale, a much-coveted neighbourhood north of Downtown Calgary, is centrally situated along the Bow River. Offering tree-lined streets and spacious lots, Rosedale homes for sale are among the city’s most desirable. In addition to its proximity to Prince’s Island Park, Rosedale boasts some of the city’s finest parks, including Sunnybank Park. Rosedale Community Park is home to an excellent skating rink, which, unlike many other rinks in the area, has no time limit, allowing skaters to stay as long as they like. However, the lights automatically switch off at 10:30 p.m., and those who stay later will have to turn them back on and turn them off before leaving. This rink is a favourite among skaters for games such as shimmy.

Rosedale Amenities:

  1. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  2. McHugh Bluff
  3. Sunnyside Bank Park
  4. Riley Park
  5. Rotary Park

Outdoor Rinks Bring Winter Fun to Calgary

Calgary boasts a plethora of skating rinks throughout its neighbourhoods. With everything from meandering ice paths to the delightful community-maintained rinks, finding a location to practice your skating in Calgary is a breeze. Take a tour of these neighbourhoods in Calgary to discover the city’s wonderful outdoor skating locations.

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