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Living in West Calgary: 7 Reasons to Love Living in West Calgary

Feb 9, 2023  
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The city of Calgary has evolved from a western town to become Alberta’s largest metropolitan area and a fast-growing city in Canada. Boasting rugged natural beauty, ample job prospects, a strong local economy, and a high quality of life, it’s no surprise that many are flocking to the Calgary Metropolitan Area. Among the many thriving areas in the city, West Calgary stands out as one of the fastest growing districts.

Established in 1957, West Calgary is a historic riding that has stood the test of time, remaining one of the two surviving ridings from the 1959 Redistribution of Calgary. Today, it is a dynamic residential area composed of various neighbourhood’s. Located north of the Glenmore Reservoir and south of the Trans-Canada Highway, West Calgary offers convenient access to the Calgary City Centre through the city’s public transportation and highway systems. With its attractive neighbourhood’s and ample economic prospects, West Calgary is a lively and rapidly expanding community. Here are 7 reasons why you’ll love living in West Calgary.

West Calgary Lifestyle

West Calgary, also known as the West hills, is a picturesque area situated between the bustling city centre of Calgary and the stunning Rocky Mountains. With its prime location, residents can enjoy stunning views of both the mountains and downtown skyline. The district is a hub of economic activity, hosting many corporate headquarters. It comprises over 17 distinct neighbourhood’s, including Coach Hill, Cougar Ridge, Strathcona, Signal Hill, Aspen Woods, and West Springs.

West Calgary offers a perfect blend of residential and commercial spaces, with access to some of the city’s most beautiful green areas, including parks and hiking trails along the Bow River. Being the closest district to the Rocky Mountains, residents can take in panoramic mountain views from multiple angles. It also boasts one of the highest concentrations of corporations within its boundaries, second only to Downtown Calgary. With a short 10-minute commute to the city centre, West Calgary is perfect for those who seek the peace of mountain living combined with the conveniences of a big city.

Employers Near West Calgary

The decision to reside in a specific district of Calgary is often driven by job availability and business opportunities, and Calgary offers both in abundance. With a projected job growth rate of 6.1%, it boasts one of the strongest employment rates in the country, hosting over 143 major companies. West Calgary is home to a significant concentration of these corporations, including some of the largest employers such as West jet, Suncor, and Gibson Energy Inc. The four major industries in West Calgary are energy, construction, finance, and machinery.

West jet, with its 4,500 employees globally, is a prominent airline in North America and one of West Calgary’s largest employers. The company offers a variety of employment opportunities at both its corporate headquarters and airport in Northeast Calgary. Meanwhile, Suncor and Gibson Energy Inc, major players in the energy industry, have their corporate offices in West Calgary and provide ample opportunities for growth within the company.

With a short 10-15-minute drive to Downtown Calgary, residents of West Calgary have access to a vast array of employment opportunities.

West Calgary’s Community Amenities and Services

West Calgary is a well-rounded district with plenty of amenities and services that are important to homebuyers. The Strathcona Park, Christie Park, and Aspen Woods neighbourhoods have the SCA Association, a neighbourhood organization that aims to enhance community life by providing programs, resources, and services to its residents, visitors, and volunteers. There’s also the Westside Recreation Centre which holds various events and programs like youth sports, aquatic activities, and athletic training.

West Calgary Shopping Scene

Apart from its employment opportunities and scenic beauty, West Calgary also boasts an impressive shopping scene. For grocery shopping, Sunterra Market is a well-known upscale supermarket that caters to all dietary needs. There are two major shopping centres in the area – West Market Square and Aspen Landing. West Market Square has a European feel and is home to several restaurants, shops, and services. Aspen Landing is a lively shopping centre that houses big retailers, specialty shops, and dining options.

West Calgary Property Owners’ Associations

West Calgary residents enjoy a high quality of life due to its numerous amenities and community events. The local property owners’ associations play a significant role in promoting these thriving communities. Coach Hill residents are part of the Coach Hill Patterson Heights Community Association, which is run by a Board of Directors and dedicated to serving the Coach Hill and Patterson Heights communities. The Cougar Ridge Residents Association (CRRA) is a non-profit organization aimed at improving life in the Cougar Ridge neighbourhood. In Signal Hill, the Signal Hill Community Association works towards creating a safe, liveable, and caring community.

Things to do in West Calgary

West Calgary residents always have something to keep them busy and entertained, with plenty of recreational facilities, stunning parks, and nature trails to explore. From bowling alleys and movie theatres to dining options, there’s something for everyone in this community.

Outdoor Activities

Located between the prairies and the Rocky Mountains, Calgary is known for its beautiful scenery, and West Calgary is no exception. With its parks and nature trails, residents have many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Edworthy Park, a nature park along the Bow River, is a popular spot for picnics, hiking, and dog walking. For golf enthusiasts, Glencoe Club is a top golf course in the city.

Foodie Scene

Calgary has quickly become one of Canada’s top foodie destinations, offering a unique mix of western and diverse cuisine. West Calgary is a rising star in the city’s food scene, offering a variety of restaurants serving everything from Chinese food to Italian and upscale dining. The area is also home to many pubs, restaurants, and microbreweries, including Big Rock Brewery.

Fitness Options

For those who prefer to stay active, West Calgary has a variety of fitness options, including nature trails and athletic facilities. Win Sport, Canada’s Olympic Park, offers activities like skating, biking, and personal training. The Calgary Climbing Centre is also a popular indoor rock-climbing facility. Meanwhile, Prince’s Island Park, one of the best parks in Calgary, is a short distance away for those who prefer outdoor activities.

Schooling in West Calgary

When considering a move to a new community, education is a key factor. The schools in Calgary offer diverse options for students of all types. The Calgary Board of Education serves all of Calgary and surrounding areas, and West Calgary students are part of this system. Homes in West Calgary belong to Area VII, which is home to over 17 communities and one of the largest student populations in the Calgary Metropolitan Area.

For primary education, West Calgary families have several options including Olympic Heights School, West Springs, Battalion Park, Glenbrook, and Glendale. Secondary school students in West Calgary usually attend Ernest Manning High School. West Calgary is also home to three private schools, R. C. Conklin School, St. Gregory, and Calgary Christian Academy. Parents also have access to a variety of preschools to provide a strong foundation for their child’s academic journey.

West Calgary is conveniently located near many colleges and universities, including Ambrose University, a well-known accredited university offering undergraduate and graduate programs.

Living in West Calgary

When considering a move to West Calgary, it’s crucial to evaluate the area’s different neighbourhood’s to discover the best fit for your lifestyle. With its numerous parks, athletic centres, and other attractions, West Calgary provides residents with an abundance of recreational opportunities and community amenities. By exploring all that the district has to offer, you can find the perfect community to call home.

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