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Selecting the Perfect Lot Type for Your Ideal Home

Jul 31, 2023  
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Building your dream home involves making several crucial decisions, and one of the earliest ones is selecting the perfect location. Once you’ve chosen the right community, the type of lot your home will occupy becomes another significant choice. Fortunately, we have the privilege of collaborating with numerous municipalities and community developers, offering an array of lot types to cater to your unique preferences and requirements, subject to availability in specific areas.


  1. Traditional Lot: In Calgary, traditional lots feature side yard setbacks on both sides, providing approximately 8-10 feet of space between you and your neighbors, depending on the municipality. These lots offer extra front yard amenity areas and additional space between homes.
  2. Zero-lot-line Lot: A zero-lot-line lot maximizes land use by constructing buildings up to or very close to the property line, allowing for larger interior spaces while sacrificing a small portion of the exterior yard space, typically on one side. These lots are found in various areas in and outside Calgary, offering a lower price point per front foot and enabling the construction of more substantial homes.
  3. Level Lot: A level lot has flat or even topography, with minimal variations in elevation across the property. They are ideal for straightforward construction and landscaping, providing a practical canvas for various architectural designs and outdoor amenities.
  4. Back-to-front Lot: Back-to-front lots have a slight elevation difference between the back and front. This layout offers enhanced privacy and convenient access points, with the front yard as an inviting entrance and the backyard as a secluded retreat.
  5. Walkout Lot: The Walkout Lot features a sloping landscape, allowing for a lower level at ground level with a door from the basement to the backyard. It presents an excellent opportunity to create additional living space, making it ideal for families in need of more room and ample natural light in the basement.
  6. Corner Lot: Located at the intersection of two streets, the Corner Lot offers more space and privacy from neighbors on one side. These lots provide larger front and side yards and increased natural light and airflow.
  7. Estate Lot: Estate lots are spacious and exclusive, allowing homeowners to build wider and more personalized homes. They provide ample room for luxurious living and outdoor amenities, creating an upscale and expansive environment.
  8. Green Space Lot: Situated near parks, green spaces, or nature reserves, Green Space Lots provide a serene and natural living environment within the city.
  9. Pie Lot: The Pie Lot stands out with a wide backyard that narrows towards the front, offering more significant outdoor space for various activities and entertainment.
  10. Reverse Pie Lot: A reverse pie lot has a narrower front and a wider rear, allowing for a larger front yard and potentially extended garages.
  11. Ridge Lot: Ridge lots are located along the crest or elevated portions of a ridge or hillside, providing breathtaking panoramic views and unique building opportunities to take advantage of the surrounding natural beauty.
  12. Sunshine Lot: Sunshine Lots are strategically positioned for maximum natural light exposure, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere and enhancing energy efficiency.
  13. Wide, Shallow Lot: Wider, shallower lots offer extra width and space for inviting porches, extended garages, and more rooms spanning from left to right.
  14. Wider Lot: Wider Lots emphasize width rather than depth, providing homeowners with more space for front yards and potential extra garage space, allowing for wider floorplans.
  15. North, East, South, and West Backyard Lots: These lots offer homeowners the choice of preferred backyard orientations, with options for cooler, shaded spaces (North), morning sun (East), maximum sunlight throughout the day (South), or sunny and warm spaces in the afternoon and evening (West).

With such a diverse range of lot types available, you have abundant options to find the perfect fit for your dream home.

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