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Calgary Nature Abounds Around These 5 Neighbourhoods

Mar 23, 2023  
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In recent years, thousands of homebuyers have migrated to Calgary, attracted by its thriving economy, diverse dining and entertainment options, and reasonably priced housing. However, one of the most compelling reasons to live in this stunning city in Alberta is the abundance of natural surroundings, which are accessible both within and outside of the town. Here are five of the best neighborhoods in Calgary for experiencing nature’s splendor.

Silver Springs

If you’re seeking to enjoy nature in Calgary, you can’t go wrong with the picturesque Silver Springs neighborhood in Northwest Calgary, situated between Crowchild Trail, Nose Hill Drive, and the Bow River. The most significant attraction in the region is Bowmont Park, an expansive green space stretching over 160 hectares alongside the Bow River. The park offers residents access to hiking trails, sports facilities, a playground, off-leash dog areas, Bow River waterfront, and breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains in the distance.

Besides, the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs is a haven for nature lovers to wander through beautifully landscaped gardens featuring native and exotic plants. Golf enthusiasts can also enjoy the natural surroundings while playing a round at the Silver Springs Golf & Country Club. Additionally, the neighborhood boasts convenient amenities such as shopping, restaurants, and major highways alongside its many outdoor attractions.

The majority of properties in the community are detached single-family homes, with several townhouse communities also available. Prices for the former typically start at less than half a million dollars, but homes for sale in Silver Springs can fetch up to $800,000, while townhomes typically sell for between $300,000 and $500,000.

Silver Springs Amenities

  • Bowmont Park
  • Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs
  • Silver Springs Golf & Country Club
  • Bow River access
  • Convenient to Highway 1, Crowchild Trail, Sarcee Trail
  • Close to Crowfoot Crossing shopping centre
  • Crowchild Twin Arena Association


For those seeking to explore one of Canada’s largest urban parks, Edgemont is an ideal destination located on the northwestern side of Calgary. This community, characterized by rolling hills and ravines, sits adjacent to Nose Hill Park, which spans more than 11 square kilometers, featuring extensive hiking and biking trails, off-leash dog parks, and abundant opportunities for wildlife observation. Moreover, green spaces extending from the park weave through Edgemont’s smaller parks, often located a few steps from residential streets.

However, Edgemont isn’t just about greenery, homes, and schools. The community’s northwestern tip, near the intersection of Sarcee Trail and Country Hills Boulevard, is home to a grocery store, several restaurants, and various local businesses.

Edgemont’s residential areas were developed as part of a master-planned community from the late 1970s to the mid-2000s, resulting in a mix of condos, townhouses, and single-family detached homes. Condos offer the most affordable options, selling in the mid-$200,000s, with townhouses priced in the mid-$300,000s. Meanwhile, detached Edgemont homes for sale offer a wide range of choices, starting at mid-$500s and ranging up to over $1.25 million.

Edgemont Amenities

  • Nose Hill Park
  • Edgemont Park
  • John Laurie Park
  • Edgebyne Community Playground
  • Edgebrook Park
  • Convenient to Sarcee Trail and Crowchild Trail

Hidden Valley

Tucked away between Stoney Trail and Country Hills Boulevard in the north of Calgary, Hidden Valley is a nature-friendly community. Walking paths weave throughout this green subdivision, connecting to nearby Calgary parks and areas. Additionally, an active community association works to support local amenities and organize events.
Hidden Valley is situated just a short trip to the south of Nose Hill Park. For golf enthusiasts, one of the area’s top courses, the Country Hill Golf Club, is located nearby. It’s also easy to escape the city to the beautiful rural areas to the north with just a few minutes of biking or driving on Symons Valley Road. Along this stretch, there are convenient shopping, restaurant, and even nightlife options like Scotsman’s Well.

Hidden Valley homes consist of single-family detached properties ranging from three to six bedrooms, and 1.5 to 3.5 bathrooms, often featuring large garages and front porches, among other desirable features such as finished basements, media rooms, and spacious yards. Home prices start in the low $400,000s and can go up to the $700,000 range or more.

Hidden Valley Amenities

  • Hidden Valley Park
  • Hidden Ranch Park
  • Community walking trails
  • Country Hills Golf Club

Discovery Ridge

Located in West Calgary, south of Stoney Trail and north of the Elbow River, Discovery Ridge is a neighbourhood that offers easy access to the waterway and a quick, direct drive to the city and nearby Westhills shopping and services. The community’s southern boundary is part of Griffith Woods Park, a sprawling natural area covering over 90 hectares. Residents can explore the park’s extensive trail system to admire the region’s native flora and fauna or have fun playing basketball and soccer at the nearby Discovery Ridge Rec facility.

Discovery Ridge offers various housing options, including condos, townhomes, and detached houses at different price points. One or two-bedroom condos can be found in the mid-$200,000s to the low to mid-$400,000s, while the high-end, spacious single-family homes start around $900,000, with some priced over $1.5 million. Townhouses fall within the half-million range

Discovery Ridge Amenities

  • Griffith Woods Park
  • Discovery Ridge Ponds
  • Discovery Ridge Recreation Facility
  • Discovery Hill Playground
  • Elbow Springs Golf Club
  • Convenient to Stoney Trail
  • Westhills Town Centre shopping mall


Lakeview is named after its location situated south of Glenmore Reservoir. The neighborhood boasts of green spaces that surround the reservoir, including the North Glenmore Park, which is one of the finest outdoor areas in Calgary. The park offers walking trails, sports facilities, canoe launches, picnic areas, and an exceptional view of the water. To the west, Weaselhead Flats offers 240 acres of hiking trails and wildlife-watching in an untouched river delta, an unusual sight in a city as big as Calgary. Lakeview’s residents can quickly escape to the Rockies in the west via Glenmore Trail/Highway 8.

Single-family detached homes are the primary type of housing in Lakeview, including luxury homes near the reservoir. The homes typically cost between $600,000 to $800,000, but the price could reach $2 to $3 million or more, especially south of 66th Avenue. For more affordable options, condos are available just to the north, selling for $200,000 to $300,000.

Lakeview Amenities

  • North Glenmore Park
  • Weaselhead Flats
  • Lakeview Community Association
  • Earl Grey Golf Club
  • Lakeview Golf Course
  • Grey Eagle Resort and Casino
  • Convenient to Mount Royal University

Big-City Convenience & Natural Beauty Await in Calgary

Homebuyers who want to live close to Alberta’s stunning natural landscapes without sacrificing city amenities need look no further than Calgary. The city provides the best of both worlds, offering a wide range of communities that grant easy access to parks and other opportunities to enjoy nature. These charming neighbourhoods offer homes suited for all budgets and living arrangements, though residents may find themselves spending most of their time outdoors in the beautiful surroundings.

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