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Seizing the Opportunity: Buying Now Despite Higher Interest Rates

Aug 14, 2023  
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You’re excited about the prospect of buying a new home and all the possibilities it holds, but you may have some hesitations due to the potential rise in interest rates. However, there are compelling reasons why you should act now instead of waiting. 


  1. Comprehending Market Forces: The impact of advanced interest rates can be seen in the downcast pressure on property values and the influence it has on the overall demand and coping power in the casing sector. still, it’s essential to admit that each real estate request operates within its own distinct force and demand dynamics, which directly shape home prices. In the Calgary region, the request stands strong due to its solid demand fundamentals, positive profitable instigation, and significant population growth, all of which contribute to its adaptability in the face of interest rate oscillations. also, when compared to regions like British Columbia and Ontario, Calgary provides fairly affordable casing options and continues to face a deficit of available parcels.
  2. Analyzing Historical Trends: Low rates, coupled with limited inventory, have driven up home prices, driven by the fundamental law of supply and demand. This suggests that while interest rates may rise, it doesn’t necessarily mean home prices will go down. The current real estate landscape indicates additional inventory availability, but the demand continues to grow, especially from out-of-town buyers and investors. While there may be fewer bidding wars, the market still sees consistent demand, along with other factors such as inflation correction, increased disposable income, and improved profitability of financial assets.
  3. Expert Guidance and Assistance: If affordability concerns persist, rest assured that there are various programs and options available to support your home-buying journey. With the help of our committed lender specialists, interest rates can be locked in for over a year, providing stability in your financial planning. We collaborate closely throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience. Additionally, there are specialized programs tailored for first-time homebuyers, rental offsets, government incentives, mortgage staging, marital breakdowns, aging in place, military/RCMP personnel, and newcomers to Canada. These programs can offer assistance and alleviate uncertainties during the home-buying process.

In conclusion, the opportunity to buy a new home is still favorable despite the potential rise in interest rates. With a strong real estate market, historical context, and expert support, now is an excellent time to make your move and secure your dream home.


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